Sunday, 27 January 2013

Media minxes at it again- Diame "tells close pals he'd love to join Arsenal." Yawn.

In yet more unsubstantiated and barely believable transfer stories, the People and our old friends the Daily Mail are both convinced that they have been told by close friends of Mohammed Diame of the Senegal international's burning desire to leave West Ham and sign for Arsenal. The People, bless them, actually thought they'd got an exclusive on the subject but they'll have to do better than that to beat the Mail to a sensationalistic and likely untrue transfer story. I wonder how both papers got the information on Diame? Did his "close pals" ring up both newspapers and spill the beans, or have the two papers been sharing sources? I do wonder. Anyway, according to them both, Diame has told his mates he wants to sign for Arsenal, Big Sam's given up on keeping hold of him (strangely, it doesn't say in either paper what the basis for that is) and Arsenal are poised, as they have been for the past three days, to trigger Diame's £3.5 million release clause. The only part of the story that sounds plausible is that Diame has been fined a week's wages by Sam Allardyce for turning up an hour late to Thursday's breakfast meeting at Chadwell Heath; only the People reported that part though, and not with any quotes or citation of sources of any kind. Nevertheless, they did get an "exclusive" of some kind. Maybe that was a sensationalist barely-truth too much for the Mail? As you were, boys and girls...

By Alex Shilling

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