Friday, 25 January 2013

Media confusion over Diame- don't believe what you read in the papers

It's that time of year again- January transfer deadline looming over us like James Collins bearing down on an unsuspecting left winger. Now, I know we ridicule our national media a fair bit; but the reality is they're only human, and as such, they get things wrong just like the rest of us. But one British newspaper in particular has in recent days done what can only be described as making a complete arse out of itself in regard to the future of Mohammed Diame.

In an article published on Tuesday, Sami Mokbel wrote an article for the Daily Mail (surprise, surprise) claiming that Diame was threatening to report West Ham to FIFA over their "dirty tactics" which were supposedly being employed to stop his reported £3.5 million release clause being triggered. "The 25 year old suspects his employers are using unfair tactics in order to spoil any potential move," wrote Mokbel. No quotes, no cited sources, but fair enough; it's the newspaper's pregogative to keep their sources a secret. A magician never reveals his tricks and all that...

However, just two days later, David Kent wrote in the Mail that Diame was happy to stay with the club despite the release clause in his contract. This article, unlike the previous one, did have some actual quotes in it, from Diame and from his manager, Sam Allardyce.

So the big mystery is- why did the Mail think that Diame was threatening to shop his club to the highest authority in football, just two days previously? Where did they get their information from? Did Diame tell them? Did his agent? Or, dare I say it, perhaps it was just a newspaper trying to stir up trouble in the midst of the silliest season on the British football calendar and sell a few copies in the process.

By Alex Shilling

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